The Heurist project is in the process (May 2024) of establishing a non-profit Association, based in Paris, for the ongoing support and maintenance of the Heurist infrastructure (software, servers, documentation, training and support).

Membership is open to both individuals and groups (research projects, research groups, institutions and/or their departments/labs). We are a non-profit association, so membership provides a way for you (and your projects / research structures and/or institution) to contribute to the ongoing maintenance and develpment of Heurist, and allows us to develop further documentation, training and templates, and to provide support to users.

  • The individual membership fee is 100 euros/year, with a full or partial waiver on application for middle and lower income tier countries, unwaged and students.
  • Projects, organisations and institutional structures membership fee is on a sliding scale according to size; we suggest a range from 500 euros for small projects / units through 5000 euros for large projects /units, and 10000 euros for institutions with multiple users/projects/departments.

Membership  confers voting rights at the AGM and priority assistance within reason and according to available ressources.

To become a member of the Heurist Network Association, please fill in the fom below and send by email to

I wish to become a member of the Heurist Network Association  (Statutes of the Association tbs)

Name (FAMILY, given names):  __________________________________

Institutional affiliation (if any):  ___________________________________

Position or role in institution:  ____________________________________

We will acknowledge your application and get back to you rapidly with the Association’s account details to allow payment.

Annual subscription 2024:   [    ]  Individual 100 euros    [    ]  Project/institutional subscrption of ________ euros

[    ]  Additional voluntary Association startup contribution of  ________ euros for 2024

[    ]  I request a waiver to reduce the annual subscription to ________ euros for the period 2024 to _______

                   for the following reasons:   please provide succinct but specific grounds for requesting this waiver


My project(s) include  please provide any Heurist database name and a succinct title, and optionally a brief summary


Heurist Registration

Registration allows creation of Heurst databases and subscribes you to occasional news updates (single-click to unsubscribe).

We will not share your email information with any third party.

Thank you for registering. We have sent you an email, allowing you to confirm your registration and create your first Heurist database.