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There are more than 1500 database on Heurist’s servers, used by all kinds of users, from students with small databases to support their Masters research, to huge million-dollar projects using Heurist to coordinate international teams of scholars. On this page, you can explore more than 100 of Heurist’s most sustained and mature projects. The table below is an example of Heurist’s data publishing capabilities. It is generated automatically from our internal contacts and projects database, built in Heurist, and is updated afresh each time you visit this page. Come back to see what exciting new work is going on in the Heurist universe.

Use the search box to find projects that interest you. You can search by name, discipline or topic. For a more structured search, use the ‘discipline’ dropdown to filter the list. Click on a project’s title to visit their website, or click ‘contact’ to get in touch with the project’s owner.

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