Users can engage in the development of the open source Heurist platform, by contributing to the continued development of Heurist and/or in collaborating on project development. In turn, Heurist developers can work with you to help customise your Heurist project code and/or data.

For all Collaboration enquiries or to discuss with us our participation in research grant applications which plan to make use of Heurist:

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The Heurist team is already working in close collaboration with developers from a number of projects, including the Humanities Networked Infrastructure (HuNI) and Federated Archaeological Information Management Systems (FAIMS), in the development of new features and integration with existing systems. (For more details, see Infrastructure Projects.)

We are very open to sharing code and design ideas with developers, researchers, documenters and trainers who would be interested in contributing to the system or developing specific extensions or training programs for their own use.


We are keen to work with potential end-users to collaborate on project development, including collaborative research grants. We are happy to build in new developments to support the needs of specific projects, normally through generalisation of requirements and extension of the Heurist platform.


We can assist you with general or specific enquires about the set up and use of Heurist (have a look through this site in the first instance, particularly the FAQ section). We can provide advice on database setup, as well as providing some consultancy services.

We can provide limited free service (see Free Services) or an at-cost share of a commercial service, or advise on commercial hosting options.

We can also carry out custom programming and cleaning/transformation of existing data to promote usability and develop new methods of data collection or display.


Users interested in participating in the Heurist Open Source Project, can find the latest development source code at

Contact us for access to our internal development plans, which we will be happy to share and discuss with you.

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