Free Services

This page provides details about servers that provide free Heurist services for small to medium databases.

Create a Heurist database (free institutionally-supported services)

These free services are kindly supported by Intersect Australia, Huma-Num (France) and contributions from users.

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For those who wish to get started with Heurist immediately and/or do not have access to a free server through their university or national research infrastructure, we provide several free servers (listed below) for small to medium databases.

For larger projects (>100,000 records, >500M images or other files, high traffic expected) we recommend that you contact us for advice on installing a server e.g. a dedicated commercial virtual server in the Cloud, which can be an inexpensive solution, and the use of SSL for greater security. We strongly recommend serving videos from a streaming service such as YouTube – they can be embedded seamlessly into Heurist.

Heurist can be easily installed on Linux servers (scripted for Debian, Ubuntu and Redhat; other flavours and Windows may require manual intervention) including virtual servers such as the Australian NeCTAR Research Cloud. Please contact the server owner to determine service conditions (e.g. security, backup, limits on usage etc.).


HostUse ServiceDetailsCountry
Nectar Research Cloud (Intersect)Create/Access DatabaseVirtual server hosted on Australia's national eResearch infrastructure, Nectar. Our installation is provided and managed by Intersect, a not-for-profit company set up by a number of Australian universities to provide eResearch services. Contact
HumaNumCreate/Access DatabaseVirtual server on the French Humanities eResearch service, Huma-Num. This service is freely available for any reasonable research or teaching use. We recommend using this server for European projects. ContactFrance

*Cloud Services. Install you own instance of Heurist.

We are very keen to participate in research grant applications that plan to make use of Heurist. For further information please contact us

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