Support Services

We can provide services to set up and customise databases, develop websites and applications, as well as training through our partners.

Database setup services will give you a fully functional database ready for use, generally within a few days.

Please contact to arrange for one of these services. We suggest including a brief response to the questions at the end of this page which will help us respond to your enquiry.

Starter setup

The starter service costs AU$150 GST inc. / US$100 / €95. It provides basic setup of a dozen entity types of which three are specific to your data, including some sample data records and a couple of pre-defined filters/searches. Starting out immediately with a fully functional database configured to your needs is a great way to understand how Heurist works, without trying to learn from scratch. Turnaround typically less than a week, includes tips for further customisation. The resulting database is fully functional – it is not a ‘lite’ version.

Intermediate setup

The intermediate service costs AU$750 GST inc. / US$500 / €475. It is an extended version of the starter service, providing additional custom entity types including customisation of existing types derived from templates, pre-defined filters and faceted searches, a custom report and code to embed output in web pages. Turnaround typically 1 – 2 weeks, includes tips for further customisation. This service is designed for those who want a more complete framework which can then be refined as the project progresses.

Additional services

We can provide a range of assistance from complex individual database setup to websites and programming of additional functions. Please contact Heurist support.

Partner support

Systemik Solutions based in Sydney can provide Heurist implementation consulting services (installation, database conversion and ongoing support). They have 25 years experience in content transformation services in the corporate and public sector.


Please visit our training collaborator (ArcheFact) for details of online and one-on-one training courses.

Preliminary  questions

Please provide us with the following information to allow us to provide you with appropriate advice and/or database setup (for database setup we will follow up with a more detailed project design questionnaire).

Your name and email:

Institution (if applicable):

Title of project:

Type of project (eg. PhD, personal research, collaborative project):

Composition of project team:

Short description of the project (or URL or attach document):

What is/are the main entity type(s) you wish to describe eg. manuscripts, events, people, places, organisations, structures, objects, narratives, interactions, journeys, exhibitions, performances (note that these can be conceptual entities as well as physical ones):

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