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Roehampton Campus Project

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Dear Ian,

A huge Thank-You to you and the rest of the team for your work on the Roehampton Campus Project page!

The page looks great.  It’s inviting and visually interesting straightaway.  The lay-out looks user-friendly, and the functionality means it really is user-friendly – perfect combination.

It’s going to make a really big difference to the students taking the campus project course.  Having the disparate data brought together and made searchable in this way will really open up their research options and hopefully inspire them a bit too.  Gradually it will become something everyone on campus can make use of, and again, the easy-to-use interface means that even the tech-shy can will be tempted and able to use it to find out some of the amazing stories from the world around them which have hitherto been hard to access.

The campus project students will have some Heurist training and plenty of chance to experiment with using it, first to search, then to arrange data.  The software is a great example of digital humanities and hopefully it will inform a pro-digital mind-set that will stay with them throughout their future careers.

We will certainly be encouraging other campus project developers to develop with Heurist.

Thanks again for your hard work and for making something so well-suited to its purpose,

with best wishes,
Sonya and Charlotte,
Roehampton Campus Project.


By Yann Le Jeune | ISHTAR Project
(Logiciel libre de gestion et d’inventaire en archéologie)
Original French-language review

A beautiful Australian project that allows you to create a database “on-line” according to your needs.

A solution based on PHP / MSQL / Apache. Installs on Linux (Debian etc.). So all this is close to Ishtar (Python / POSTGRESQL / Nginx) in mind.

You can probably do something close to Ishtar with Heurist, but you have to do it. I would test it further and tell you what it is.

Note also the presence of features that we do not have (yet Smile, but we have others that did not):

Timeline and cartoons

To date I would advise Heurist for some research projects. Suddenly I recommend it for simple databases where Ishtar seems to be too complex, despite its modularity. It is then possible to import Heurist data into an Ishtar database and vice versa.

For complex bases, close to the uses of preventive archeology Ishtar remains more adapted, but it seems possible to test profitably Heurist-> Ishtar workflow for certain contexts, to see.

Ishtar is more oriented professional archeology (and conservation of heritage) and already integrates its standards and forms and tools (creation of compliant inventories, compliance with the standards of the Ministry of Culture, furniture and data management tools etc.).

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