Searching for Databases

To quickly find a database in the database list, simply use the browser find mechanism (Ctrl-F) to find part of your database name.

Searching for Records

Directly search for records using a range of modifiers: tag:, type:, url:, notes:, owner:, user:, field: and all:.

For example, to search for tagged records in the database, enter either tag:string or tag=string in the Filter box. For example, tag:Database (any tag including the string ‘Database’) or tag=Database (matches Database but not ‘Databases’ or ‘Database Management’). Tags are case insensitive.

If search terms include a space, enclose them in single or double quotes (e.g. tag:’Database Management’).

To find exact matches, use the = operator (e.g. title=xxx). You can also use the greater than (>) and lesser than (<) operators.

To find records that include either of two search terms, use an uppercase OR (e.g. timemap OR “time map”).

To find records with geographic objects that contain a given point, use latitude and longitude (e.g. latitude:10 longitude:100).

To omit records that include a search term, precede the term with a single dash (e.g. -maps, -tag:timelines).

Heurist Registration

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