Annotated Templates

These entity templates shortcut much of the work involved in setting up a Heurist database, and also provide good examples and commentary on how best to structure data in Heurist. They can thus act as a reference as well as a shortcut to a complete database.

The templates can be imported into your Heurist database from Database > Import Annotated Templates. Most templates are in the H3ReferenceSet database (#3), while historical templates are in History Schemas (#9) and archaeological examples are in the FAIMS Community Server database (#10).

Note: Templates will be linked progressively as we finalise their structure (Early 2015). Further templates may be available in the databases at the top of the structure import list (in bold).

In the table below:

  • bold indicates primary (‘master’/’parent’) record types.
  • italic indicates subsidiary (‘detail’/’child’) record types.
  • * indicates record types included in the default set created in each new database.

Detail records are typically used to handle descriptions of separate parts of an entity or an entity owned by or entirely dependent on another entity (e.g. episodes of a person’s education, expressions of a work, components of a composite tool), but may also be used for repeating groups of fields relating to a primary entity (e.g. to describe different sorts of names or different sets of attributes for variants of a primary type such as a building).


Work In Progress (December 2014)

Entity (record) TypeDescriptionSource
Person – AuthorA simplifed person record for use as author, editor, artist etc. Only includes basic identification information – name fields and date of birth/death.H3ReferenceSet
db #3
Person – Modern*A more complete person record designed for contact lists, including address, email, URL etc.H3ReferenceSet
db #3
Person – HistoricalA comprehensive description of a person’s life history emphasising events in their life (birth, death, education, military service, employment, relationships to other people etc.).H3ReferenceSet
db #3
Menus-Recipes-IngredientsOriginally designed for a medieval cookbook, recordds menu details, linked to recipes & ingredients.H3ReferenceSet
db #3
MembershipMembership details for an organisation.H3ReferenceSet
db #3
Membership - MembersMembers of an organisation.H3ReferenceSet
db #3
Membership-Members-PaymentsPayment details for members of an organisation.H3ReferenceSet
db #3

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