Set Up a New Database

There are a just a number of straightforward steps you need to take in order to be up and running with your first database within minutes.

Create a New Database

You can design and create single-user or multiple-user databases without any programming experience. Your database can be as simple or as complex as you like. The creator of a database becomes the database owner and can manage the database and other database users.

You create your first database on the Heurist server when you register as a Heurist user (or from here). Subsequent databases can be created from within any database you have access to. [Manage | Database | New]. 

Databases are created on the same server as the current database. If you start from the Heurist Server, your database(s) can later be migrated intact to your own server or a hosted solution such as a commercial server or cloud service.

Register Database

You can (optionally) register any of your databases with the central Heurist Index. [Manage | Database | Register]

This will give your database a unique code and allow Heurist to check for new versions of the software and database formats. It also makes the database discoverable by other Heurist database owners, who can find and download record, field and term definitions from your database (but does NOT confer any form of access to data in the database).

The Heurist Index is also a repository of publicly available Heurist databases that are created and curated by the Heurist Team and ‘community servers’ such as HuNI (Humanities Network Infrastructure) and FAIMS (Federated Archaeological Information Management System). These contain well-developed and useful collections of ‘schemas’ (predefined database structures of record and field type definitions).

Set Database Properties

Set information about the database. [Manage | Database | Properties]

This allows you to view your database registration ID, and set various properties such as description, ownership and viewability details. More advanced properties can also be set here (e.g. email settings, file paths etc).

Import Structure

You can browse the Heurist Index of registered databases to find and import an existing database structure (you can further choose which suitable pre-defined record definitions to import). [Manage | Structure | Browse Templates]

Once imported, you can modify the record type definitions to your requirements.

Build your Database Structure

You can now build your database structure, by modifying the record types and fields describing them, and adding new record types, fields and terms as required by your research data. [Manage | Structure | Build].

You can modify your record structure at any time without losing existing data.

Manage Users and Workgroups

You can control user and group access to your database. [Profile | Access]

By default, the creator of the database becomes the database owner and member of the primary Database Owners Workgroup. As owner, you can then create additional workgroups and users and add users to any workgroup. Users can belong to multiple workgroups.

You can tailor access permissions for users within different workgroups.

Heurist Registration

Registration allows creation of Heurst databases and subscribes you to occasional news updates (single-click to unsubscribe).

We will not share your email information with any third party.

Thank you for registering. We have sent you an email, allowing you to confirm your registration and create your first Heurist database.