See how others use Heurist to power their research.

This page lists a small set of featured Heurist applications and publicly-available websites derived from Heurist databases, as well as infrastructure projects that use Heurist, providing prime exemplars of Heurist’s role in a range of projects. Each project synopsis links to a more detailed description (highlighting Heurist’s role), with a link also to the published site. These are followed by a longer sample list of other Heurist-based projects. 

These are projects with which we have had specific contact, often including providing assistance in database design or the addition of new functions suggested or requested by the project. This is not a list of all active projects using Heurist, nor are all of these projects necessarily active (although most are). (Many applications and sites relate to individual research groups or researcher’s projects and are therefore not publicly available.) There are a few new signups each week.

Featured research & infrastructure projects

Digital Harlem

An award-winning component of the Black Metropolis-ARC: Harlem collaborative research project, whose goal is to “produce an ethnographic study of everyday life in Harlem as it became the black capital of the world.” Since 2017, the back-end Heurist database is accesible via the project’s public website, to provides a research tool that gives a customised view of activities, places, and relationships relating to Harlem from 1915-1930. more…

Stephen Robertson (George Mason University)

Homer in the Margins: The Art of Citation in the Ancient Literary Commentary

A database project using Heurist to assist researchers in their study of the use of scholia (commentaries) on ancient texts, and the use of Homeric citations within the 3rd century Greek literary culture. The database owner says: “In these ways the Heurist platform will serve—true to its etymology—as the discovery mechanism for the role of citation in the tradition of the ancient literary commentary.” more…

A/Prof. Joshua Smith (Johns Hopkins University)

Mapping Island Lives

A Heurist project to collect prosopographical information on persons who lived in the nineteenth and the early twentieth centuries, born in or originating from the Ionian Islands and to document, in a dynamic way, the course of the political, social and cultural history of the region. more…

Prof. Helen Katsiadakis (Academy of Athens)

Beyond 1914—The University of Sydney and the Great War

Website launched in September 2014 to provide an extensive, searchable Heurist-based database tracking the education and military service of approximately 2,500 staff and students of the University of Sydney involved in the First World War.  more…

Julia Horne, Nyree Morrison (USyd)

Expert Nation

An ARC funded Discovery project, Expert Nation builds on the success of Beyond 1914 to investigate how Australian university graduates, with World War One experience, contributed to the formation of the post-war Australian nation. more…

Dr Tamson Pietsch (UTS), A/Prof. Julia Horne, Prof. Stephen Garton (USyd), 
Prof. Kate Darian Smith, Dr James Waghorne (UMelb)

The University of Tasmania and World War One

The University of Tasmania and World War One page is a searchable database of biographies and archival records about members of the The University of Tasmania community involved in the First World War and was developed in partnership with Expert Nation. It presents the stories of the 125 graduates, students and University Councillors who had served before, during and after the war and whose names appear on Nora Payne’s carved Honour Board. published site…

The University of Tasmania

November 1918 – Emerging from the Great War

November 1918 — Emerging from the Great War is a searchable database of biographies and archival records about members of the University of Adelaide community involved in the First World War and was developed in partnership with Expert Nation. Built on the legacy of information provided to the University between 1916 and 1935, November 1918 presents the stories of former staff, students and graduates before, during and after the war. published site…

The University of Adelaide

Mapping the Suffrage Metropolis

Mapping the Suffrage Metropolis examines how suffragists in New York City mobilized over the course of five decades. It layers spatial data onto fire insurance maps (georeferenced via New York Public Library’s Map Warper project), searchable online via a Heurist database. published site…

Lauren Santangelo Ph.D. (Lecturer at Princeton University)

The Virtual Museum of Balinese Painting

A comprehensive online database of Balinese paintings, documenting public and private collections held in different parts of the world. The site generates ‘live’ data based on Heurist custom reports. more…

Adrian Vickers (USyd)

Medieval Cookbook

A study into the history of alimentation practices during the medieval period. The searchable Heurist database links menus, recipes and ingredients. more…

Catalina Macias, EU Masters Thesis in Alimentation History (Columbia University) 

Roehampton Campus Project

This database was set-up in 2014 to help the collage’s students explore the campus, using its buildings and artworks, landscape features and religious sites, archival and image collections to research its architectural history, classical allusions and religious links. The Heurist Team built a WordPress website to pull in the information from the Heurist database linked to a Zotero library. more…

Dr. Sonya Nevin, Research Fellow / Visiting Lecturer (Department of Humanities, University of Roehampton)

Gallipoli The First Day

Winner of the inaugural AFI Award for Innovation in Screen Content 2009, Gallipoli is an interactive ABC 3D documentary website that provides an immersive experience of the ANZAC landing at Gallipoli, 25 April 1915. more…

Archaeological Computing Laboratory (USyd) / BC’s Digital Innovation Unit

Theodore Roosevelt (TR) Digital Library

This project provides a growing database (built with Heurist) of the people who have created and received material in the Theodore Roosevelt (TR) Digital Library and those mentioned within that material. The site provides a resource for interns that enables searching for the creators, recipients, and people referenced in the TR Digital Library material. published site…

Theodore Roosevelt (TR) Digital Library


GameSound is a prototype database that reveals the music and sound effects present within video games in an effort to facilitate academic study. Using an interdisciplinary approach for categorization and display, GameSound allows online access to a meaningful dataset of technical and musicological data using dynamic search capabilities. Our goal is to develop GameSound into an indispensable resource for game scholars, ludomusicologists, and independent researchers. published site…

Melissa Mony, Michael Iantorno (Technoculture, Art and Games Research Centre)


The MIMIC (Mapping the Independent Media Community) project was was initiated in 2014 as a collaboration with the Carnegie Museum of Art (CMOA) Time-Based Media Project with the aim of developing digital tools for visualizing data related to the Media Arts Center Movement and the production, distribution, exhibition, and collection of independent media in the United States and abroad. The MIMC project  The first phase centred on assessing and cataloguing the film, video, audio, and computer-based media artworks in the museum’s collection, while the second phase focused on preserving these assets and ensuring their long-term sustainability. published site…

Carnegie Museum of Art’s (CMOA)


This database is a first step in the mapping and centralization of spanish literature resources in and about the Philippines. It presents two different but related types of materials: (1) Literary works published in Spanish in the Philippines between 1872 (year of the Cavite mutiny) and 1973 (year in which Spanish was first eliminated from the Philippine Constitution). (2) Literary works published in the rest of the world in Spanish about the Philippines between 1872 and 1973. published site…

University of Antwerp.
(BOF Klein Project)

Dictionary of Sydney

Born digital in Heurist, starting in 2007 and first published online in 2009, the Dictionary used Heurist as its back-end. Around 14,000 entities in a dozen entity types, 750 entries totalling around a million words, and 3,500 multimedia (2013 figures), are linked through 75,000 relationships, annotations and events. After more than a decade, the Dictionary of Sydney Trust was wound up in 2017 due to lack of funding, and the data was transferred to the State Library of NSW for long-term preservation; the website is still maintained but no significant further content generation is planned to the best of our knowledge. more…

DoS Trust, Sydney


The FAIMS (Field Acquired Information Management Systems) project (launched June 2012) builds tools for digital data collection in the field, and online processing and archiving of the resulting data. Project staff also advise researchers concerning the development of data management strategies that meet the requirements of major grant schemes and improve research outcomes. Heurist plays a central role in the FAIMS workflow, allowing field data to be collected across multiple tablets and synchronised with a Heurist-database for further manipulation, analysis and export. more…



The HuNI (Humanities Networked Infrastructure) project (launched July 2012) combines data from many Australian cultural websites into the biggest humanities and creative arts database ever assembled in Australia. The Heurist-based database provides an on-demand service covering all disciplines and bringing together information about the people, works, events, organisations and places that make up Australia’s rich cultural landscape. more…

Deakin University

Partial list of other projects using Heurist

Title DescriptionOwner
Australia | New Zealand
VET4DLTracking educational service providers, the courses they provide and the funding programs on which they depend.Camilla Couch, TAFE, Sydney
Time-Linked Cultural Map of Australia HumanitiesUniversity of Newcastle Centre for 21stC
Execution BalladsUna McIllvena, Centre for the History of Emotions
Religious Nonconformity and Performance in early modern BritainAlison Searle, DECRA, University of Sydney
Early English OperaPatricia Alessi, University of Western Australia
Cherbourg Sports Oral History ProjectAlistair Harvey, University of Queensland
Early Agricultural Remnants and TechnologyPatty Anderson, CNRS-CEPAM
Zagora ProjectBeatrice McLoughlin, University of Sydney
Bahrain sites databaseClaire Reeler, ARCHEFACT, Queensland
FAIMS Schema RepositoryPenny Crook, UNSW
Roman MesopotamiaPeter Edwell, Kate daCosta, Macquarie University
Burns Photo CollectionRoss Burns, Kate daCosta. University of Sydney
NSW Dairy MachineryCarly Todhunter
Cherbourg Aboriginal Sports HistoryUniversity of Queensland
Iraq religious conflictDaniel Tower, PhD student, University of Sydney. Co-Supervisor
Swords and Sceptres of the Slave CoastRon Lawrence, PhD student
Artists DirectoryA database of artists, galleries, exhibitions, venues and relationships to research the development of a 20th century floraison of artistic endeavour.Ron Gallagher, Monash University
Fake archaeologyDenis Gojak, PhD student, University of Sydney
STASI archivesDonna Brett, University of Sydney
Getting of Data PhD field notesIan Johnson, University of Sydney
Collective Biography of Archaeology of the PacificMatthew Spriggs Laureate Fllowship, ANU
PNG Spirit BoardsJim Rhoads, University of Western Australia
Black BusinessShane White
Manhattan ArtistsRon Gallagher, Monash
Pacific HistoryMiranda Johnson, Bec Plumbe, University of Sydney
Civil War databaseBec Plumbe, University of Sydney
Hollywood MoviesChristian Long, University of Queensland
ACHM sites databaseShaun Canning, Aust. Cult. Heritages Management
NUDPP Hazards Education Japan/AustraliaJustin Whitney, Nagoya / ANU
Smallholder farmers and biodiesel Brazil Sarina Kilham, UTS
Varora database reconstruction, Nepal Vanicka Arora, Western Sydney University
Turnstone Archaeology sites databaseMichael Strong, Turnstone Archaeology
Abbey Museum collectionJan Nargar, Cathy Pascoe, Abbey Museum, Queensland
Sydney Historic Maps databaseAndrew Wilson, University of Sydney
WWI service historiesvarious, University of Auckland
Soldiers of EmpireRebecca Lenihan, Victoria University Wellington
Zagora Remote SensingA field project to do remote sensing verification around the site of Zagora in Greece. This was a pre-alpha implementation of the Heurist FAIMS tablet app configuration generator.Adela Sobotkova, UNSW
Rainforest Stone toolsRecording of existing collections of stone tools from the rainforest areas of Queensland.Alice Buhrich, James Cook University, Queensland
NY SuffragettesLauren Santangelo, Writing Program, Princeton
Research Knowledge Facilitator SystemLiberty and Security Database; Kings College/Sciences Po
The Early Islamic Empire at Work DatabasePeter Verkinderen, University of Hamburg
Early Jewish moralistic writingsPatrick Koch, Univesity of Hamburgh
Phoenix ProjectJeffrey Glover, University of Atlanta
Scholia on HomerJoshua Smith, Johns Hopkins University
Digital Humanities teaching programJohannes Burgers, Ashoka University, New Delhi
Ludico-Musicological databaseMichaeel Iantorno, Melissa Mony, Concordia University
Mapping the Independent Media CommunityLindsay Mattock, University of Iowa
C-Base projectMax Edelson, University of Virginia
Medieval monksAbigail Firey, Melodie Eichbauer, University of Kentucky
Prospography of 15thC clergyFrancois Pageau, Univefsity of Alberta
Humanities teaching programLindsay Mattock, University of Iowa
Mouliana ProjectBrandeis
Dict. des éditeurs français du XIXemeViera Rebolledo-Dhuin, UVSQ
Arks in science fictionNicole Tilford, Society of Biblical Literature
Néolithique dans le pays de la LoireClaira Lietar, CNRS
Anti-communist databaseSylvain Laurens et al., EHESS, Paris
Columbian armed conflictSara Carrero, National University of Colombia
MARTA archaeology projectJeff Glover, University of Georgia
Historical medico-statistical databaseKaterina Gardikas, University of Athens
Guias de ForasterosLina Cuellar Wills, Columbia.
Prosopographic databaseGasparis Charalambos, National Hellenic Research Foundation
Anavathmis~20 archaeological and historical databases.Hellenic Research Foundation
Directory of the digital librarySara Butterfass, Theodore Roosevelt Centre
Helenisation of Ancient ThraceRomania. Inscriptions from Ancient Thrace.Petra Janouchkova, FAIMS project
Database of religious buildingsBeate Löffler, Germany
The West in BronzeKylie Dahlstrom, University of Regina
Gilt LeathersMarie Radeponte, CNRS USR3224 Centre for Conservation
Survey of India PhotographsJohn Falconer, British Library
Alpine sites synthesisKevin Walsh, University of York
W Canada French & Belgian CommunitiesDenis Lacroix, U. of Alberta
Indigenous site surveysCody Howard, Terra Rosa Consulting
Stepped PoolsRick Bonnie, University of Helsinki
Earl Grey Orphans to SydneyThis website and the database behind it is devoted to a class of immigrant known colloquially as an ‘Irish orphan’; the four thousand young females who arrived in Sydney, between 1848 and 1853, from the distressed workhouses of Ireland under a venture officially known as the Pauper Immigration Scheme.The University of Sydney

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