Talk at Atelier Digit-Hum 2021

ENS, Salle Dussane 45 rue d'Ulm, Paris

Heurist : démocratiser la gestion de données et des sites web en archéologie et histoire
Join Dr Ian Johnson, Heurist's designer, to learn more about his mission to democratise the building of databases and websites in History and Archaeology.

Technical Group Workshop

Campus Condorcet - Bâtiment de recherche Nord: Salle 2.0001 14 Cr des Humanités, Aubervilliers

Join members of the Heurist network to workshop common problems in database design and web publishing. Bring your own data along, and get up and running in Heurist. Or simply join us to be a part of the conversation and learn some new skills.

Steering Committee Meeting


What The monthly meeting of the Heurist Steering Committee will take place as part of our User Group Workshop on the 19th of October in Paris. The Steering Committee helps to guide the future development of Heurist. Interested in joining the committee? Do get in touch.

Paris Time Machine Workshop


Réjoinez Dr Ian Johnson et membres de Heurist-Network pour apprendre à utiliser Heurist. Supporté par Le consortium Huma-num Paris Time Machine.

Introductory Workshop at RezBaz Sydney 2021


Heurist: a Unique Solution to the Data Management Needs of Humanities Researchers In this lightning workshop, Dr Michael Falk (Community Technical Adviser) will demonstrate how to create, design, and publish your own research database in just 10 minutes. By demonstrating the whole process of design, data entry and publication in a single short session, Michael […]