Create a Web Site

There are several methods for creating a dynamically populated website from a Heurist database (note that only records marked as publicly visible will appear in the website).

1. Build a website using a CMS such as WordPress and insert reports, maps and diagrams from saved searches as live feeds into this.

Anyone who can build a WordPress (or other CMS) site should be able to do this, as Heurist generates the required Javascript code for you to paste into the CMS. This site was largely built by the lead historical researcher:

You can embed one or more Heurist saved searches directly into a web page. For example, the search the database link on the Expert Nation website leads to an embedded Heurist faceted search:

The search requires just a simple bit of code specifying the database and the saved search IDs to be rendered in the interface:

<code><iframe src="
width="100%" height="700" frameborder="0"></iframe></code>

The URL can also be opened in a separate tab:

Simple search boxes can also be used by adding the search string entered as part of a Heurist URL which is then opened in an iframe or a new window.

The Roehampton Campus Project illustrates the embedding of maps and reports:


2. Generate complete web sites with the custom report function.

For example, the site was generated independently by the project Research Assistant, Jarrah Sastrawan:


3. Generate HML (XML) feeds and run them through various processes to generate a website.

The Beyond 1914 website is generated using Doctrine, NOSQL and scripts from an HML feed of a subset of the Expert Nation database above (the feed is based on a query for Persons related to the University of Sydney, expanded through a Ruleset to all records related to the University). The site required significant web design and programming.

Note that data which is not otherwise publicly visible can be displayed by accessing the HML feed as a logged-in user.

4. Build a highly customised search application directly in Heurist using the Heurist widgets.

For example: DigitalHarlem. This requires some level of programming and access to the server backend.

(This site is still under development and could be broken at any time.)

5. HML can also be formatted through XSL stylesheets embedded in Heurist or run through external scripts.

This method was originally used to generate the Dictionary of Sydney website; later these stylesheets were embedded in a PHP script which ran as part of Heurist for greater speed and convenience:

(The writing of the XSL style sheets requires some level of programming.)

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