Site Overview

HuNI (Humanities Networked Infrastructure) is a NeCTAR-funded project (2012 – 2014), which commenced operation on 1 July 2012. It uses linked Open Data technology to integrate 28 of Australia’s most important cultural datasets into a ‘virtual laboratory’. These datasets comprise more than 2 million authoritative records relating to the people, objects and events that make up the country’s rich heritage.

The HuNI Virtual Lab facilitate specialist research and helps to break down barriers between disciplines and uncover new insights into Australia’s cultural landscape. HuNI is one of the first large-scale eResearch infrastructure projects for the humanities in Australia, and the first national, cross-disciplinary virtual laboratory worldwide.

Heurist’s Role

Heurist provides a database-on-demand service, using a special HuNI Core template as the basis for a new Heurist database to ensure that the database is harvestable by HuNI with a minimal amount of work, and also to encourage compatibility with other datasets developed from this template.

The complete HuNI data model was built in Heurist. As proof of concept of harvestable XML production, a subset of Deb Verhoeven’s Ultimate Gig Guide was exported from the Heurist databse to HuNI.

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