Free Services

This page provides details about servers that provide free Heurist services for small to medium databases.

For those who wish to get started with Heurist immediately and/or do not have access to a free service through their university or national research infrastructure, we provide a free service (listed below) for small to medium databases (up to a couple of hundred thousand records and not too much image data).

Heurist can be easily installed on Linux servers (scripted for Debian, Ubuntu and Redhat; other flavours and Windows may require manual intervention) including virtual servers such as the Australian NeCTAR Research Cloud. Please contact the server owner to determine service conditions (e.g. security, backup, limits on usage etc.).

For larger and more critical databases we recommend that you contact us for advice on a dedicated commercial virtual server in the Cloud (we can advise you on a stable cloud service for as little as $50/year) and use of SSL for greater security.


InstituteUse ServiceNameDetailsCountry
University of SydneyDashboardUSyd Data CentreTiered virtual servers at the University of Sydney Data Centre.
This service is freely available for any reasonable research, teaching or personal use, and runs the latest stable version of Heurist. We recommend using this server in the first instance.
Please consult us if your database is large (>250,000 records) or contains large numbers of images or large video files. Contact Us

Ikoula IPDashboardPrivate serverDonated commercial service. Provides faster access for users in Europe. ContactFrance
UNSWDashboardFAIMSThe FAIMS infrastructure project ( funded by NeCTAR and ARC LIEF, provides a Heurist server for projects using its Android data collection app. Contact: FAIMSAustralia
NeCTARDashboardResearch Cloud*Australian academic users have two free virtual servers on which they can install instances of Heurist. See the Getting Started page on the Nectar Support website. Then follow Installation instructions on the Heurist Google Code website to install Heurist.Australia
U.C. Berkeleyunavailable DashboardECAIThe Electronic Cultural Atlas Initiative server provides Heurist and TimeMap services to ECAI members, and others on request. Contact: ECAIUSA
National Informatics InstitutependingNII CloudpendingJapan

*Cloud Services. Install you own instance of Heurist.

We are very keen to participate in research grant applications that plan to make use of Heurist. For further information please contact Dr. Ian Johnson.