Newsletter June 2017

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Welcome to the inaugural Heurist newsletter. We will be sending out a newsletter to all registered Heurist users every few months, to keep you informed. Newsletters will contain links to new information added to the website or to highlight useful sections.

Searching for records: The featured tips & tricks section is about searching, for database or for records within a database using a range of modifiers, as well as some tips on building your search filter.

User Interface Revamp: The Heurist user interface has been cleaned up with a new tabbed structure, along with a host of other refinements based on usability testing and user feedback. Particular emphasis has been on creating a more minimalist, unified look, with greater integration of elements. Also, Heurist’s network visualisation tool has recently been upgraded to allow a much greater degree of interaction.

Yann Le Jeune: “A beautiful Australian project that allows you to create a database ‘on-line’ according to your needs.”

Mapping Island Lives Prof. Helen Katsiadakis, Academy of Athens: A Heurist project to collect prosopographical information on persons who lived in the nineteenth and the early twentieth centuries, born in or originating from the Ionian Islands and to document, in a dynamic way, the course of the political, social and cultural history of the region.

Create Relationship Markers: Relationship markers allow connections to be established between any two types of entity, but also allow the type of connection to be recorded via a separate relationship record. This How To provides an overview of connecting records, with a simple step-by-step guide to creating a relationship marker.

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